Whitehead manor - Charlotte, NC wedding photography

One of my favorite wedding venue is Whitehead manor. They have such a huge beautiful tree and cute greenery garden area. It is a gorgeous place to get married for sure. I am so lucky that I could photograph Shaun and Kelsey's wedding at Whitehead manor.

For wedding photography, I take more candid and documentary pictures and capture the emotions and personality. As always, the weddings reflect the couple and their families' personalities, too. Shaun and Kelsey are the sweetest and most humble and thoughtful couple I've ever met. Their wedding was the sweetest as can be. They exchanged love notes back and forth hundreds times to check on each other from when they got to the venue till they finally saw each other at the ceremony. There were lots of tears and laughs throughout the wedding. While I photographed their wedding, probably I think I heard them say to their families and guests THANK YOU millions and millions times despite the hectic event. Moreover, they, again, wanted to make an official THANK YOU speech before they exited by calling out the name of each one. (It felt like the speech was much longer than the whole reception. hahaha just kidding...) 

They also let all couples, all fathers and daughters, and all mothers and sons join the dance floor at each dance time. How considerate and thoughtful is that? I saw all the guest have a really good and sweet time at their wedding and couldn't stop snapping it away. 

Everyone, please enjoy this humble and sweet wedding!!

Ceremony & reception : Whitehead Manor

Catering : Delectable by Holly