Celebrating the first Christmas

I think the first of everything such as the first day of school, the first anniversary, the first birthday of your baby, and the first time you met your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse can mean a lot and be special. I always want to document and take pictures of them, too. Don't you? Bates and Sarah contacted me to have a photoshoot to celebrate their first Christmas as husband and wife. I remember the first time we met for their engagement photoshoot and second time at their wedding. They were a beautiful, adorable, and one of the cutest couple. I was very thrilled to see them again and trying to think of ideas. So I wanted to surprise them because it's Christmas, and thought about taking a secret video of them. Instead of showing them a couple of sneak peek pictures, why don't I give them a sneak peek video? So I did. They had no idea I was doing it. (Actually, while I was doing it, their face looked to me like What's-Song-doing?-Does-she-know-what-she's-doing? kind of look.) Because I'm not a videographer but just a sneaky photographer, the video doesn't look great. But I enjoyed working on it. They are even more adorable and cuter than before!! Bates is such a romantic guy and Sarah has beautiful eyes like Bates says.

Enjoy the photos and Merry Christmas!!!