Uptown Charlotte, NC maternity photography

There's something about pregnancy - mysterious, amazing, sexy in a different way, indescribable, and infathomable. My last pregnancy was almost 4 years ago and I have always thought that a new life growing inside me is absolutely incredible. I don't know what men think about it but pregnant women look very sexy to me, too, because of their curvy body. My nursing college classmate Sianneth reached out to me for her maternity photography and I was very thrilled to see her again and document her first pregnancy!! She still looks beautiful and her baby bump was absolutely cute! It made me want to have a third child! They are expecting a baby girl in August and haven't decided her name yet. Watch the sneak peek video of their maternity photoshoot. They are totally adorable and I'm so happy about how I did and what I captured.

If you are expecting a baby and want to document this moment, you should let me do the job! Please enjoy and share it, everyone!!