The Oaks events - Midland, NC Wedding photography

Oh gosh, you should scroll down all the way to the end to see the bride and groom and Jasper the dog's faces. They are absolutely priceless!! Moreover, three of them look exactly alike - tall, skinny, and cute!!!

I met Kevin and Katie for their engagement photoshoot about a year ago. We had so much fun during the shoot acting like movie stars and my directing and all of us soaking wet and messy. (side note : pure and innocent Kevin accidentally left the keys inside the car and locked themselves out. Katie gave him the evil eye while calling AAA. However, we ended up with a fabulous engagement photoshoot and Kevin was forgiven!!! hahahaha)

Their wedding at The Oaks events was so beautiful and fun. There was a beautiful pond, open grass field, a gazebo, a swing hanging on a big oak tree which is my favorite, and a beautiful reception area. The Oaks events is one of my favorite wedding venue.

At Kevin and Katie's wedding, I documented quite funny things (Katie's facial expressions make the pictures even funnier) I remember when we had a consultation, Katie was looking for a photographer who documents more humors and fun in the pictures. So she found me!! If you every want a fun and precious wedding photography, call me! I'm the girl you need!

Everyone, please enjoy and share it!   


Wedding officiant : Julie Furr at NC Weddings of Distinction 

Ceremony/Reception : The Oaks Events

Hair/Makeup : Blushing 

Photobooth : Shutter Hutch

Wedding DJ : Bridal affairs DJs, Photobooth & Event Planning

Catering : Bistro Catering and Events