Sweet Magnolia Estate - Cornelius, NC wedding photography

Oh Babyyy...I mean, yeah, little baby. Jordan and Jessi have the cutest almost 6-month-old baby boy! He appeared and walked down, oh excuse me, got wheeled down the aisle like a star!! I've never seen such a cute entrance at weddings before! I think he got more attention than his mommy and daddy at their wedding. I really do love children at weddings because they do the best and funniest things at weddings. You need to scroll down now to see what happened and how cute they are. But I want to tell you a little about Jordan and Jessi. Needless to say they are beautiful outside, they are so sweet and beautiful inside, too. When I first met Jessi for her bridal photoshoot, I couldn't open my eyes because she was so stunning and her smile just shined like the Sun. Oh Jordan, I can tell that he's a shy sweet southern boy that many ladies would look for. I think it is cute when a shy boy gives a million dollar smile. I'm glad I captured those priceless smiles of his. Oh I love Jessi's mom, too. She is very sweet and funny!! You should watch the video to see what message she has for Jordan and Jessi. 

Everyone, please enjoy their sweet wedding pictures with me!



Erin Ashley

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