Frank Liske Park, Concord, NC, Engagement photography

Engagement photography is my specialization along with wedding photography. I make the engagement photoshoot fun and enjoyable. Besides, I always love to hear about how the couples met or how they fell in love, and document it in the video during the shoot. (I wish that someone could have done this for my husband and me when I got engaged.) Some stories are very cute and sweet. Some are very funny. I can't stop watching the video and just play it over and over again. (Am I crazy?)

Jamie and Meredith's story is absolutely adorable just like they are. I can tell that they are just meant for each other. That's what God's plan was for them. You should watch the video before scrolling down for the beautiful pictures. Before photoshoots, I always give my clients a little heads-up and tell them a couple of the shot ideas I have in mind. Most of clients are down for anything and get excited. (Thank you for trusting me, my dear clients!!!)

I had so much fun with them on a beautiful cold sunny day and they did a great job in the freezing cold weather. I am so glad that all the pictures turned out so adorable and cute. If you would like to have fun with me for your engagement photography, I'm right here!! 

Everyone, please enjoy these beautiful pictures.