maternity photography - Charlotte, NC

Maternity photography is as fun as wedding photography. As a wedding photographer, I feel like I'm part of my clients' family when they come back for their maternity, newborn, and family photography. I watch their love and their family grow bigger. It is very exciting and such a blessing to photograph their each milestone. Besides, I feel more bonding with them.

As everyone knows it, time just flies so fast. I still remember the first time I met Xiao and Yang to discuss about their wedding photography about 3 years ago. Xiao just came back from China and couldn't stay awake due to jet lag during the consultation. The year after, I photographed their engagement and their wedding. I knew from the beginning that they are such a fun sweet couple. 

They are absolutely outgoing and energetic. Needless to say, Yang is still beautiful and looks the same as when I took her bridal portrait although she says she has gained 30 lb during her pregnancy. They visited my home studio and we had lots of fun during the shoot. I usually recommend having maternity pictures done at between 31-35 weeks. She's already 37 weeks into her pregnancy, but is not big at all as I thought she would be. 

I can hardly wait to meet their baby boy. Watch the video how the photoshoot went and hear about their baby August arriving in March.