Travis & Nicole - Charlotte, NC engagement photography

I always think that photoshoots should be enjoyable and something that you want to do for fun, not something that you have to do as an obligation so that you don't have to worry about being shy or someone watching. I want my cleints to play during the shoot. So 90% of time, I try to shoot lots of action shots or candid moments in between by giving them directions. Before I met Travis and Nicole for their engagement photoshoot, I understood that Travis might be a sweet shy guy and need my help. So I gave them a little of heads-up about the photoshoot and wanted to celebrate their engagement! Oh yeah, it was success!! You should watch the video first before scrolling down for pictures. It turned out that Travis is such a loving and caring guy with cute shy smiles. Nicole has such beautiful eyes. I noticed that she looks very attractive when she stares at the camera. Together, they look so adorable. 

Enjoy these playful pictures!