The Edwards family

Meet the Edwards family. 

I first met Danielle when my husband and I wanted to sell our house back in late August, 2015. She never lets you rest to help you sell your house. So we ended up selling our house in two weeks and also found our dream home so quickly!!! She was beyond amazing and has the most useful and helpful resources and gives you very valuable advice you didn't even think about. Visit her website and like her Facebook page if you need a smart and passionate real estate agent!!

So Danielle and I have still stayed in touch since we settled in our dream house. She has recently had a new baby and asked me to take photos of her beautiful family. I got to meet Tim her sweet husband, Chloe (oh she is 13 years old but looks very tall, mature, and BEAUTY-ful!!!!), handsome Carter, and beautiful baby Clara, and their precious dog Gator that she always talked about. As always, I was glad to see the personality of each of them and capture them. Tim seemed easy going and to make everything easy for everyone and seemed like a very great leader of the family. Danielle, of course, is driven and passionate about everything she does even having pictures taken. Beautiful Chloe seemed shy but is very elegant and loves to dance like a ballerina. 8-year-old Carter seemed very easy going just like his dad and like a very good helper! Oh baby Clara is just darling. Just any other babies, Clara loves to sleep, eat and grow for now!!! Gator the dog does love to explore and also listen to the command. (unlike my own two Cocker spaniel dogs.)


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