The Uotila Family - Charlotte, NC family photography

It is fun to take pictures of families with happy spirits and cute little children who always do just (serious) kids' stuff. The Uotila family has such cute adorable boys, 4 year-old Tate and 2-year-old Jordi. Before the shoot, Megan told me a little about her family and said Jordi could be challenging to take pictures. I have met so many little children. They all have different personalities. Some were easy and some were challenging. One thing in common is that they are absolutely adorable in their own ways and enjoyable to take pictures for sure, especially when I edit those photos, I laugh a lot and love them all because I capture the real moments. That is why I love document weddings as well as families. Watch the video and see what Tate and Jordi are up to. They are doing their serious own business. hahahaha

Please enjoy these pictures!!