the McClough family - Waxhaw, SC, family photography

The McClough family is telling you how important family is. They went through difficult pregnancies and both of their children are miracle children God sent to them. Sometimes we take everything for granted and forget how blessed and grateful we are for what we have until you go through tough times. I think there are always, without a doubt, difficult times in all God's plans, however, we will grow stronger, wiser, more patient, and thankful for everything after all. I'll be honest. I sometimes yell at my precious children and regret it later. What if something happened tomorrow? What if I heard something terrible and unexpected news tomorrow? I am so blessed to meet such a happy miracle family and got to love my family even more and hug and kiss them more!!! At this Christmas season, let's spend more time with our family celebrating Jesus' birthday and eating cookies. (You can start your diet on January 1st, 2018!!)

Please enjoy the video and pictures and hear about their miracle stories.