The Jung family - Jetton park, Cornelius, NC family photography

John and Crystal are my long time dear friends. I always enjoy watching their family grow, seeing how stronger their faith it is in God day by day and documenting it in the pictures. It is just mind blowing. What it amazes me most is that their two little children (Oh they are not little any more. They are BIG kids now!) act like Jesus and talk like Jesus! John and Crystal have been married for close to 10 years and still love each other like just an engaged couple! The video and pictures you are about to see will show you who they really are and how much they really love each other. This is the personality of their family - the sweetness, gentleness, and caring toward one another, and interest in beauty and music and art. (So I brought pumpkins for them to draw. hahaha)

Everyone, please enjoy the photos!