The Eswein family - Charlotte, NC family photography

I love family photography sessions as much as wedding photography. 70% of the session, I let them loose, watch and try to find their personality, and document it. I know parents can be frustrated when children, especially, toddlers don't sit to pose for pictures and just take off. I don't have many smiling pictures of my kids sitting still, either, until they were three. That's who they are and what they do. All that matters was just my hubby and me looking awesome in the pictures. hahaha (Now they are four and five. What cutest models they are now!!)

I give families a mission to let them play together as family. What I always do is refreshing love starting from mommy and daddy taking them back to their newlywed time. Some say it is refreshing and may end up getting romantic photos, and some say it is awkward and may end up getting laugh-out-loud photos. (Marriage comes first, y'all!!) And then I bring all the family back together and capture the genuine beauty and love of family.

Meet the Eswein familly. There are no words to describe this family. JUST BEAUTY-full!! Dean and Nishaan are such a loving couple and their two little girls are absolutely adorable and the best friends caring about each other just like mommy and daddy. 

Everyone, enjoy the pictures with me!