Spring photoshoot

I'm a wedding photographer, but started to love taking little children's photos. I have taken my own children's photos a lot and they know what to do when they are in front of mommy's cameral. (not sure about other photographer's camera) Children are so pure and innocent. What I love most is the innocent look of the kids after they cause a trouble. You don't know what they will do next or say. Even when they cry, it's a perfect photo op!!

I had a fun Spring photoshoot event with Easter theme created by my past real estate agent and now sweet friend Danielle. There were 7 mommies and 8 babies I got to photograph!!! The ages were from 4 months to 9 months!! I was in heaven!!! hahahahaha There were bottles, diapers, baby snacks, squeaky toys, bouncers, and etc.. They reminded me of my little children at that age and packing everything they need whenever I go out. There was still room for me to set up some cute props for indoor shoot as well as outdoor shoot. These babies did the greatest jobs staring at the camera or giving me a blank stare in the chaos!

Enjoy the Spring and share with your friends!! Contact me if you need to capture your baby's milestone!!!