Say Hi to Everly - Charlotte Newborn photography

Parents out there, do you remember what it was like when you just had your first child? Moms, do you remember the pain from the contractions? Dads, do you remember the anxiety or nervousness when your first baby was just about to be born? I had my first one 5 years ago. Without pictures, I wouldn't remember any of them. Pictures I took help me remember all and reminisce. I took lots of pictures of my babies, breast milk I stored in the freezer after pumping (oh yeah, the entire freezer was full of my breast milk bottles. I was even able to feed each newborn in the hospital. You gotta document that, too, because that was special.), and even very soiled diapers!!!! Everything was new to me and exhausting yet fun! As soon as you hear your baby cry when they are born, you feel instant love and forget all the pain as Allie said in the video. When I visited their home to photograph them, it reminded me of the time of being a first time parent, yawning from sleep-deprivation, milk bottles, baby swing, and love and smile when you look at your angel. Take a look the video and pictures, and see how Everly is. What an angel she is from God.