Studio children's photography

Those who have little children, do you remember everything about your children when they were little babies? As for me, as my children grow, I tend to forget many things about them. Without documenting or photographing them, I would absolutely have no idea when their first tooth came in, when they were able to roll over, sit up, crawl, or take a first step, or even what they looked like every month. Thank God, I'm a photographer and have taken a lot of beautiful pictures of my children. I look back in the album and reminisce. 

Baby Clara reminds me of my first child Olivia. Her mama asked me to take baby Clara's 6 month old pictures in my studio. Last time I saw her in person was when I took their family photos. Oh my goodness, she has grown so much since then!! She is able to sit up, smiles more, and looks even cuter!!! I can't get over these pictures of her and her beautiful mama!! Everyone hold your breath!!