Colonel Francis Beatty Park - Charlotte, NC family photography

One of the good things about having a big family is that you never get bored. If I was a 5 years younger, I would want a third child. I really do love children, although they wear me out. Photographing families with many children is very much fun. Sometimes people want a perfectly posed family pictures with everyone giving a smile and looking straight at the camera. I often love the imperfection of the pictures, especially when it comes to family pictures of little children. Each one has their own personality and if you combine them in a photo (when captured in the candid moment), you can tell each one of the family’s personality ( I think), and that’s an unforgettable moment and more frame worthy.

Let me introduce the Hunt’s family. This is what I’m talking about and they are more adorable when they are loose. Hahaha. Enjoy the video and the pictures.