Charlotte NC newborn photography

Mommy and daddy out there, do you remember when you welcomed your first child? Time goes so fast. Unless you document it, you forget what your new baby looked like, what you had gone through, and how clumsy you were changing diapers, feeding the babies, or putting to sleep. Tiny fingers and toes, fuzzy hair, toothless laugh or cry, and wrinkly skin. Aren't they precious? I remember those days with my children. Sometimes I look back digging my albums and realize how tiny they were and how much joy they had brought. (I also have pictures of their soiled diapers. hahahaha)

Yang and Xiao finally welcomed their precious baby boy August. I am so glad and happy for them that they had a healthy pregnancy and got to able to do their maternity photoshoot and I met him! I visited their home for August's newborn photoshoot. It reminded me of the first time my husband and I became parents. The house full of diapers and baby wipes, bottles, and baby toys. You don't know what to do when your baby cries. Hungry? Needing diaper change? Or hurting? No matter what, babies are miracles and such blessings. 

Please enjoy the video and pictures with me.